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We incorporate aromatherapy into our massages in San Antonio, TX

Aromatherapy is an essential part of a relaxing massage. That's why InnerPeace Mobile Massage in San Antonio, TX uses essential oil therapy to help you relax. At the beginning of your massage, we'll let you select your complimentary aromatherapy oil. Each oil has its own unique benefits but all of our oils can improve circulation and healing.

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What makes our massages incredible

What makes our massages incredible

You can’t go wrong with one of our amazing massages. They are:

  • Relaxing — we’ll pay close attention to your needs
  • Memorable — you’ll always have an amazing experience
  • Customizable — we’ll tailor your massage to your preferences

Our sole focus is you when we’re giving a massage. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and get the results you want. You may experience soreness a day or two after your massage, but this is normal and will pass.
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