Want to Release Muscle Tension?

Learn about myofascial decompression cupping in San Antonio, TX

Myofascial decompression cupping - or MFD - is a therapy designed to treat stiff and sore muscles caused by injuries or overexertion. If you're struggling with the pain of muscle inflammation, it's time for a treatment from InnerPeace Mobile Massage in San Antonio, TX.

Cupping creates a vacuum between the skin and underlying tissue. The vacuum floods the area with blood rich in nutrients and oxygen and releases connective tissue adhesions. If the cupping vacuum becomes too uncomfortable, your therapist will reduce the pressure.

Discover the benefits of MFD therapy today by speaking with a massage therapist.

Your comfort is our priority

Your comfort is our priority

Because our massage team travels to you, our process is slightly different. We'll transform your space into a peaceful, relaxing environment. Your massage therapist will:

  • Design a massage that fits your specific needs
  • Use aromatherapy and soft music to relax you
  • Leave the room to wash up and allow you to undress
  • Cover all private areas of your body with clean linens
  • Answer any questions and listen to your feedback about pressure

Schedule MFD therapy in San Antonio, TX today. Please note that myofascial decompression cupping can leave purplish or reddish marks and tenderness on the skin for around three days following treatment. It's best to increase fluid intake after any treatment.