A truly professional service at a reasonable price. In my opinion they are the best! Bryant has been coming to my home for years and giving me a deep tissue massage. He always asks if I have any particular pain issues that need attention. He is honest, trustworthy, caring, and extremely professional. You can't go wrong with Inner Peace.

Joyce L -a week ago


They are wonderful. I get a massage every month for my mother and she loves them. Been loyal customers for over 10 years.

Cheryl C. - a month ago


The best massages in the world!! Very professional, knowledgeable and considerate. I have tried many massages but these are THE BEST.

Lynn G. - a month ago


Awesome delightful group of therapists! I highly recommend this company, we have used them for years and they are solid!

Rob C. - a month ago


Professional, on time, personable, and just what everyone needs for their personal well being. Bryant and his entire team are wonderful!

Susan W. -a week ago


Fantastic Therapy! Always On Time and Focused on helping me recover!

Brisbin Enterprises- a week ago


Bryan is Fantastic @ working my problem areas...
Much relief from pain! Thank you!

Win B. - a month ago


Best massage I've ever had. Bryant was professional and friendly and worked out all the kinks! Will definitely be having another massage as soon as I can!


19 Feb 2016

InnerPeace Mobile Massage came to our office today. WOW! They did an amazing job and were very professional.


1 July 2016

If you enjoy deep tissue and innovative stretches, try a Thai Stretch from Clinton. Wow! He will add a range of motion that you never thought possible. Bryant and Clinton - a "Dynamic Duo" for incredible massage!

Glen Anderson

7 Mar 2015

I just want to say THANK YOU to Bryant. He did an exceptional job today at my job (Humana-Military) I will be using the mobile service at home in the near future! Again, thank you so much and GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!! I am super relaxed.

Stephanie S.

10 Jul 2014

Bryant is a great massage therapist. I got a full body massage and Java body scrub. Both were incredible and worth every penny. He is professional, courteous, and highly skilled.


4 Aug 2014

I am Bryant's longest running and very loyal client. I have had the luxury of utilizing his incredible talent going on 10 years. Even after all this time, he continues to surprise me with new, inventive ways to help me relax. He is the man with the "magic hands". He is highly professional and solely focused on your needs. I couldn't ask for a better massage therapist for the price and convenience. Once he gets his hand on you - all you can do is RELAX and ENJOY the experience!


25 Mar 2012

I've had the opportunity of many massages and Bryant is as good if not better than the best. He's quite knowledgeable, well rounded with abilities (from working on your head to your toes). He does deep massage or goes lightly if that is your need. I definitly recommend him to you and I've recommended him to others.


17 Apr 2012

Our daughter recommended Bryant and my husband and I have used him ever since, we also have passed his name out. He just knows where and what to do to make it all better. He may be small but he's a powerhouse! You'll love him!


17 Apr 2012

Very reputable, respectful, professional business. Massage is absolutely incredible. I own a business, I do very hard physical work, heavy lifting, so I'm constantly in pain, sore, aching. I feel great, rejuvenated for quite some time after getting a massage from Inner Peace Massage Therapists.

Kathy G. -a year ago


Well I can't say enough about this service. I had a wonderful experience with Janice. She was professional, on-time and was very kind. Afterwards she shared some information on stretching and yoga poses. I will definitely be booking her again next month! Thank you!

Raven Sofia D. -a year ago


I do professional sports, whenever I'm in town I go with the best. Great service even better results

Derrick T. - a year ago


I have benefited from the healing hands of three of their therapists and they are all absolutely wonderful, punctual and professional.

Arlene V. - a year ago


InnerPeace Mobile Massage is an outstanding choice if you want exceptional quality at a value price. I have been a continuous client for 13 years because Bryant and his team deliver superb deep tissue massage with the intuitive ability to tailor techniques to address specific pain or discomfort issues. With InnerPeace, an hour massage is a full sixty minutes on the table. That is a minimum 20% more time-on-table than the typical 50 minute "hour" massage from most other providers. InnerPeace hourly rates are very price competitive. You will be hard pressed to beat InnerPeace exceptional quality, value price, plus the convenience and comfort of in-home massage.

Glen A. - 4 months ago


Great experience! Jon was professional and I am hooked!

Marty P. - a year ago


Inner Peace Mobile Massage has the best therapist I have ever had to pleasure to receive a massage from over 10 years. Bryant is as amazing a therapist as he is a person.
Bryant was my therapist at a different location before he opened his own business. He continues to provide outstanding massage and has been a big part in my recovery from knee surgery and a broken shoulder over the years.
I have and continue to recommend Bryant and his company, Inner Peace Mobile Massage, to my friends. I trust when Bryant says his staff are all highly qualified because of his expertise and abilities & trustfulness about his company.
It is so nice to not have to fight traffic, parking to get an outstanding massage ... love the fact he comes to my home and he provides the FULL TIME requested massage --unlike other locations that give you a 50-minute massage & charges you for a 60-minute massage. The prices are better than any I've seen for a long time. Thank you, Bryant -- you are the BEST!!

Dolores M. -2 years ago


I am currently deployed out of country and wanted to surprise my wife with a massage. Bryant went above and beyond to make this happen I couldn't thank him enough. Needless to say Bryant helped me pull off one of the best gift's I've ever given my wife. You can't beat the service you get for the price and you don't even have to leave your house. I would recommend Bryant to anyone looking for high quality service!


19 Aug 2012

A deep tissue massage in your home by Bryant is so calming and curing.I have felt better than I have in months. I have energy that I have not had and no pain!


8 Sept 2012

I suffer from chronic pain and my pain management doctor recommended massage therapy. After a friend highly recommended Bryant, I made an appointment and discovered he was one of the best. Whether you need a deep tissue or gentle touch massage, he can fulfill your need. He has given massages to several members of my family and we all agree. Massage therapy is his passion; he is professional and trustworthy; and I highly recommend him.


9 Nov 2012

Bryant is absolutely the best! As a gal who is not a single digit size, it is so easy to be extremely self-conscious when engaging in such an exposing experience such as a massage. I avoided massage therapy for years because I didn't want to have to deal with the embarrassment. But Bryant is absolutely wonderful! He is completely respectful, professional, doting, and knows exactly what I need each and every time I see him. Oh, did I mention he is hilarious??? I feel completely and totally respected, relaxed, pampered, and cared for. I feel like a queen before, during and afterwards! So, if you are a bit more "fluffy" than you would like, and have worries, please don't! You are in the best hands in all respects, and those hands know exactly what they are doing!


4 Feb 2012

Bryant is an outstanding massage therapist, very skillful in locating tight muscles & applying the right pressure to relax stress. If you want deep tissue, definitely give Bryant a call. You will like the convenience of in home massage & appreciate the competitive price for an hour session that gives you 60 minutes on the table. I think Bryant is a great massage therapist which is why I have been a client for five years. Highly recommended.u200b


28 Apr 2011

For ladies who enjoy a heavenly relaxing experience, a massage & body treatment from Bryant is absolutely your best choice. My favorites: Peppermint Lavender & Cinnamon Spice. The aroma is delightful. Your skin will have a velvet soft touch appreciated by your significant other. In-home massage is a royal treat at a value price. Bryant has been my massage therapist for 2 years. He is fantastic. Without a doubt you will appreciate his professional skills and will choose to be a regular client.


2 Apr 2011