Correct Your Body's Structure

Begin our Structural Bodywork 3-Series in San Antonio, TX

Do you have soft tissue pain due to injury, malalignment or postural deviations? You may want to participate in the InnerPeace Mobile Massage Structural Bodywork 3-Series in San Antonio, TX.

This bodywork therapy program focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body. Structural integration is used to lengthen, stretch and soften this tissue to restore postural balance, ease your movements and help you feel more at home in your own body. The series consists of three two-hour sessions, each scheduled between one and two weeks apart.

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Sessions focused on body correction

Sessions focused on body correction

Because this is an interactive journey, you will be asked to perform simple movements in order to better integrate your nervous system with your musculoskeletal system. It's essential to wear form-fitting clothing, such as underwear or a bathing suit.
In the Structural Bodywork 3-Series, we'll focus on freeing the tissues on the front, back and sides of your body, as well as freeing the shoulders from any binding to the torso.

  • Each session is specifically designed to address certain regions of the body. Here's what you can expect:
  • The first session will focus on the plantar fascia, lower limbs and pelvic girdle.
  • The second session will focus on the shoulder girdle and rib cage.
  • The third session will focus on the pelvic girdle, shoulders and spine.

Ask us your questions about structural integration now by calling 210-324-5988. We recommend drinking more water than usual after your treatment. You may experience some muscle soreness in the days after your treatments.