Target Tense Areas Throughout Your Body

Read about trigger point therapy in San Antonio, TX

Trigger points are small, localized areas of your body that are prone to muscle cramps. These cramps can cause pain throughout your body and even limit your range of motion. You may experience sharp spasms of pain or dull aches. Either way, you want to find relief. InnerPeace Mobile Massage performs trigger point therapy in San Antonio, TX.

This form of massage therapy involves first locating the source of discomfort. You might then be asked to engage in deep breathing techniques while your massage therapist alternates cycles of pressure and release to relax constricted muscles. You can come in for a single appointment or recurring visits, as needed. Speak with one of our massage therapists now by calling 210-324-5988.

Prepare for your massage

Prepare for your massage

Never had a massage before? There are several things you should know before your massage therapy appointment:

  • Massages can identify tender spots in the body which may become painful to the touch.
  • It's normal to feel some muscle soreness in the days following your treatment.
  • It's important to drink extra water after any massage to flush toxins out of your body.

Consult a massage therapist about trigger point therapy today. Our team treats clients from San Antonio and Marion, TX.